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How to find social influencers



If running a social media campaign, one of the most important quests is to find key influencers, who are trusted industry voices with a weighty follower range. They can easily help you endorse your brand, share your content or promote a social media campaigns across several social media channels, in order to increase visibility and grow in a follower base. Moreover, don’t forget that online influencers are an effective word-of-mouth marketing channel, which involves low cost.

What is influence?

Some people misunderstand influence with popularity. It doesn’t always lead to the amount of followers you have, but how relevant you are to the industry and which value you are providing. Hence, it doesn’t matter if a highly authorised Twitter handle with millions of followers provide important and active content, because it won’t help you sell anything just to be frank.

Therefore, it is vital to find out the key influencers relevant to your industry and starting communicate with them, as they can move the needle for your business.

Finding key influencers

With millions of people using different social networking services, it seems quite impossible to find those key influencers – similar to playing ‘Where’s Waldo?’  Hence, there are a variety of key platforms, which can measure online influence with their own algorithm. The primary goal of those tools is to build a deeper understanding of personal influence and gauge online the influence of others on the web. Here is a list of the most popular tools if you want to find key industry influencers with a little breakdown of its benefits.


Klout for Business

Klout is the very first tool that appears in people’s minds, when it comes to check one’s own influence. However, ‘Klout for Business’ allows you to just type in your keyword in the search bar and effectively for most search terms receive a thorough list of the top influencers. It can take some time to get the correct term right, in order to catch some big key influencers, which can take the brand to their devout followers.

Dashboard   Klout

Each profile has its own Klout score (1-100), which is used to measure the social influence of one individual. Having a score of 1 tells you that this isn’t the person you would ideally target, as he doesn’t show any influence in the market at the moment. However, having a Klout score of 100 ensures you that this person is one of the biggest fish you can catch in this industry. These influencers have more power to sway their audience than any mass media could do. However, these metrics aren’t really reliable, but can be helpful to get a rough idea in the market.



On the homepage of PeerIndex, it is argued that influence is the currency of social web.  PeerIndex claims to not only find you the key influencers in the market, but also the context they are influential in. They use an influence graph with their own algorithms to present the data from a 1-100 scale, similar to Klout.

peerindex insights

According to PeerIndex, Influence Marketing works on the basis that your friends already trust you and your opinion. However, it seems this tool breaks down the influence levels more granularly in each sector. Hence, use this data to effectively connect with the key influencers, who have sway with your readership.



Traackr is much more keyword based and stresses users to set up their keywords correctly, in order to help you determine, which influencers are worthy to focus on. Traackr uses three factors, when finding influencers: Reach, Resonance, and Relevance. Firstly, it looks at how many people this influencer reaches with his posts and shares. Resonance focuses on the tendency of posts getting liked, retweeted, or linked to. Lastly, Traackr measures the relevance of your targeted keywords and how important they are in the influencer’s content.

traackr insights



Apart from measuring the social influencers of key industry influencers and providing them with a score, Kred distinguishes itself by measuring the outreach activity of a user. This data accumulates a score on how often the influencer, retweets, replies, shares and mentions other people. Hence, targeting those highly engaging key influencers can help you most likely getting your blog articles shared for instance.

Kred account

Moreover, similar to Klout you can track your own influencers, top communities, hashtags and topics. They all appear in separate cards on the homepage after you log in. There are cards for follower count, an influence and outreach chart, and the top locations where your network is from. It is slightly confusing in the beginning, but it is more transparent than other influence measurement tools, as you can actually see who contributed to your Kred score.

These are currently the most popular tools on the web if you are trying to measure influencers. Just remember that social media is a great way to develop strategic partnerships with key market influencers  and staying informed with what’s happening in your particular industry.


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