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A Guide to Successful Content Outreach


Successful content outreach can only be achieved if you have great content to begin with. Creating great content really revolves around the classic rule of storytelling. You need a beginning, middle and an end. Without this you have a disjointed, shabbily written, boring article. You need to engage the reader and make them want to read on. If you get that right you are on to a winner. (Are you still there? See, I’m still on the beginning bit, more of an introduction really, the middle bit is where it gets really exciting).

Being honest and having a voice will give your posts a feeling of truth. If a reader doesn’t fully believe in what you are writing about then obviously neither do you. If they have read a post you have written before about a different subject and the tone, fluidity and angle of the article is very different, then it was most probably a topic you had written about that you actually believed in or had a strong interest in. This is your voice, let people know that the article is actually written by a human and you have thoughts, opinions and dare I say it… humour? These are all important traits for a writer, will make a post interesting, make a reader want to carry on and follow your other posts and most importantly, share them.

When it comes to prospecting for sites, no matter how good your content is you can’t force feed it to someone. The important thing is to do your homework. Check out the sites you want to reach, make sure your article is something that would suit their site and most importantly make sure it is relevant! It’s no good pitching to a blog site about yachting if your article is about shoes. Regardless of how good the site is, remember they are only a click away from deleting your message. Don’t go in cold. It is important to build relationships with a person, make your first point of enquiry friendly, natural but brief and not spammy. (If you are still reading- this is the middle bit).

If the person does like your article and are happy to publish it on their site, don’t just ignore them after the article has gone live. Send a message thanking them, complimenting them on how good the article looks, at the end of the day, it’s just good manners. Once you have your article live be sociable and tweet it, like it, Google+ it. This is great for future points of contact who want to know a little more about you; by putting all your articles on to a Google+ profile will give someone a reference point and show you are an active and genuine writer and not a spammer, giving your profile as a writer some serious clout. If bloggers note that you do this they will be all over you like cheap aftershave on a salesman; it is great publicity for their site too. All part of the relationship building strategy.

So to sum up (This is the end bit)

  • Keep the content realistic and engaging;
  • Keep it natural to your style of writing and voice.
  • Don’t over sell your pitch
  • Be sincere
  • Do your homework
  • Promote your posts
  • Nurture relationships

Good content outreach will leave you with a wealth of fabulous contacts that will be happy to work with you again as well as leaving you with happy clients.

How’s that for a happy ending?