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Suhail Najm Abood

Senior Developer

Suhail was born in Iraq in 1988. He received his BSc in Computer Engineering from the University of Jordan, and also has a Masters in Information Systems from Kingston University London. His research interests cover development of web applications, computer applications and mobile applications. He is interested in math intensive applications, AI, neural networks and machine learning. Yeh, he’s smart!

“When it comes to computer programming, there are at least two ways to solve a problem, a stupid way and a better way, so there is no place for impossible.”

Suhail Najm Abood
+44 (0)20 8390 5944

I have worked with hundreds of programmers in my time and can safely say Suhail is one of the most talented. He possess an incredible work ethic, more braincells than most of us put together and most importantly a 'can do attitude' that is rare in his field.

Lisa Myers, CEO

Verve Search

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