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Rolf Dergham


Rolf spent most of his life in Beirut, Lebanon, where he grew up speaking several different languages.

He eventually decided to leave the small but sunny country, he boarded a plane to Berlin. He somehow ended up in London….

Rolf likes travelling (especially by plane), hiking and taking photos – although he finds it difficult to take photos of people. He also enjoys cooking (and eating), since he moved to the UK. But he does not appreciate the UK supermarket’s take on hummus!

Rolf is inquisitive trying and finding different and better ways of doing things. Often, it turns out to be the simplest and most common way, in the end.

Rolf has been tinkering with computers and scripting since his childhood, writing BAT files to have his games launch faster. He started experimenting with web development back when Internet and web technologies were ‘fresh and humble’.

Rolf Dergham
+44 (0)20 8390 5944

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