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Max Keily

Creative Director

After growing up for the first half of his life in South Africa, Max made his way to England at the age of 14 where his obsession with all things creative began. Working mainly in advertising for the last 10 years, Max has a demonstrated history in creative direction and Graphic Design. Whether it is idea generation or creating something that looks ‘A’MAX’ING’, he’s your go-to guy. He isn’t shy of breaking the mould and will push the boundaries of ‘the norm’.

Some clients he has worked with in the past are Coca-Cola, Sony, British Airways, Ben & Jerry’s and Heineken.

He loves learning new peculiar things like the Rubik’s cube, PI, and The Periodic Table of Elements, and of course Magic! More normal things include the piano and guitar.

Max Keily
+44 (0)20 8390 5944

I am delighted to welcome Max to Verve. He is incredibly talented and will bring a new dynamic to team awesome. We’re all looking forward to watching him work his magic!

Lisa Myers, CEO

Verve Search

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