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Marta Colmenero


Born and raised in Andalusia, South of Spain, Marta has always been passionate about art and design. She has spent the last few years working as an intern, fine-tuning her skills in graphic design and illustration, then more recently in web design and development. She is always looking for opportunities to dive into something different and learn a bunch of new skills. She’s obsessed with ‘beautiful, clean and cool designs’

Marta loves music (particularly anything pre-1970), spends most of her spare time either indoors cooking an array of Spanish delights or outdoors exploring the city! Her favourite thing about London is the ample opportunities to socialise and to meet new people form all over the world – which is why she loves the multi-cultural vibe Team Verve have to offer!

Marta Colmenero
+44 (0)20 8390 5944

Marta is a natural born designer, an extremely talented one at that. She quickly made a positive impact here at Verve from the day she joined us. We’re so very lucky to have her here within our amazing team of designers and developers! #TeamAwesome through and through!

Louise Davis, Campaign Manager

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