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Jai Pancholi

Data Analyst/Tech SEO

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Born and raised in Leicester, just a short walk from Richard III’s favourite car park, he grew up enjoying family skiing holidays and long bike rides to places unknown.

While studying Mathematics and Economics at a London University, Jai has experienced analytical roles at several firms, from wealth management to engineering, and has settled on paving the way in understanding data for the SEO Industry and finding out what it makes today’s search engines tick!

Jai is a keen festival goer, an infrequent squash player, and an avid chef (bunny chow, anyone?), and has recently discovered the beauty of audiobooks on the morning commute.

Jai Pancholi
+44 (0)20 8390 5944

We are very excited to have Jai onboard. He's consistent, dynamic and exceptionally detail-orientated, a pleasure to work with and an essential member of the Verve family.

Rebecca Feddema, Head of Operations

Verve Search