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Graeme Hastings

Commercial Director

Graeme grew up in the beautiful beach town of Formby, just outside of Liverpool. Once upon a time, he was a marine biologist and worked in Scotland and America before coming back home. After studying for a Masters in International Business at the University of Newcastle he moved to Manchester and then London. He’s been working in digital for the past ten years.

In his spare time, Graeme likes to keep fit and play sports whenever he can. He’s run in a few marathons and participated in the Ironman Triathlon. He’s also a keen painter and likes to surf.

Graeme Hastings
+44 (0) 208 390 5944

Graeme is one of these rare gems that understands both business and people. Someone who actually wants to find the best solution for all, he's a “win win” man without the smarminess that often comes with the sales profession. A true asset to the company and our clients, Graeme is a person with Verve! I dare you not to like him.

Lisa Myers, CEO

Verve Search

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