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Glen McMurry

SEO Manager

While working on a Journalism degree at the University of Missouri Glen stumbled into a digital marketing class and was instantly hooked. Several months later a nonchalant conversation and under-dramatic coin flip led to Glen’s move from the cornfields of the Midwest in the United States to the tumult of big city London. He took an SEO job with MEC Global working across some of the largest brands in the UK. After several fulfilling years, Glen moved on and now oversees Verve’s SEO team.

Glen is fiercely loyal to his University football (American) and basketball teams, and can often be found on the weekends with bloodshot eyes after staying up half the night to watch live games from the States. He is also a cycling enthusiast and will soon begin bee-keeping courses in Kingston.

Glen McMurry
+44 (0) 208 390 5944

Glen’s calm and collected approach to problem solving means we can take on even the biggest of technical projects in total confidence. With supreme attention to detail and commitment to excellence, Glen’s experience and unique perspective is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Lisa Myers, CEO

Verve Search

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