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Social Media for SEO – Think Visibility 2010

This weekend I attended the Think Visibility conference, I’m 8 months pregnant so it was an interesting experience being on the speaker podium. I’m glad I went though, it was a great conference, Dominic (The Hodge) and his team did a fantastic job at organising a education and fun packed conference. From the networking events to the high level of the presentations, Think Visibility got top scores from me. Also they had me at “cookies”, they know how to treat a pregnant woman, cookies at arrival and cookies for lunch, I like!

I would also like to say how great it was to meet loads of new people, of course I met loads of “old friends” again but it was just really cool to meet some new people, I haven’t been to a “northern conference” before and it was loads of people there that I kind of know from “twitter” and blogs but never met in person, and you know it’s true; northerns are SO lovely and friendly. Heck I married a Geordie ;)

“Think Massive Pregnant Woman” at Think Visibility

I was speaking on using Social Media for SEO, in my opinion Social Media and SEO goes very much hand in hand and using Social Media aspects for your off page optimisation can be highly effective. To me social media is not about having a twitter and facebook account, but all about creative ideas and execution, making sure a piece of digital content appeals to the masses and is irresisteble. In my presentation I went through in more depth the dicipline of link baiting and article marketing and gave “real examples” of stuff that we at Verve Search have done. I have had quite a few requests for my slides so please find below my slides on “Social Media for SEO” presentation.

I would also like to thank everyone for the great response and tweets on my session, I really appreciate it. Having a seriously pregnant woman as a presenter didn’t seem to fase anyone in the audience and I was treated exactly the same as the other speakers, well actually better, I got to jump the lunch que :) It was a fabulous last conference before baby arrives, thanks everyone.

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