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PR & Creative Campaigns Strategist Ninja

Verve Search is currently recruiting for a PR and Creative Campaigns Strategist to manage our creative digital campaigns. From idea creation, working with our talented in house designer and developer, to getting the campaign live and socialised/promoted.

Verve Search is a rapidly growing SEO & Content Marketing agency, in fact in the last year we have grown from 8 to 19 people, in what seems like a blink of an eye. We are really passionate about SEO and Content and are proud to say we are even an award winning  agency.  We are not your bog standard SEO agency, we don’t say yes to all clients that come our way, we believe that quality is essential in SEO and that it might be called SEO now but what we do is sustainable over time, and might even be called something else in a few years. What we do is digital growth, in terms of traffic and conversions, using the mediums and creativity it takes to be ahead.

We believe strongly in individual people, people makes agencies after all, and treat ALL our employees with the respect and care they deserve. At Verve you will not be expected to work overtime, you are very unlikely to have to ASK for a pay rise. You will also get to go to events, and conferences, blog, tweet etc We believe creativity and a rested mind is crucial for making a good SEO/Traffic Grower/Inbound marketer/PR/Ninja, or whatever you want to call yourself, and to be the best agency, we need people that will do their best and are happy in their job.

In the past 18 months a lot has changed in the SEO world, we realised early on that old methods of link generation would become stagnant. We have therefore built a specialised campaign team; consisting of a very talented designer and a programmer that thinks out of the box (who can pretty much develop anything we come up with), we are NOW wanting to find the right person to bring it all together. Is that you?

Enough about us and how great we are, about you:

  • The person we are looking for needs to have at least 2 years’ experience in PR or Creative Account/project management .
  • Ideally have experience working in Digital (but this is not a must, if you are a great traditional PR person that wants to get into Digital, we want to talk to you to!)
  • Very strong communication and organisational skills
  • Have BIG ideas and passion in abundance
  • Must have DRIVE – want to make sh*t happen
  • Work well within a team but also work excellent solo

Basically you need to be a creative thinker, a doer, and as organised as Monica from Friends.

Salary: 28K per annum + bonus (based on profits, typically paid out twice per year)

In addition to sending us your CV and covering letter, we would like you to include some ideas for a socially enticing campaign, it could be either an idea for a infographic, competition or video campaign (or whatever else you can think of), imagine the client you were working on was in the travel sector. Extra points if you also outline what sites or digital publications might be interested in your angle/idea.

We don’t need an essay, just raw ideas so we can see your creativity shine through. Email us on jobs(at)

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