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#ContentMarketingShow -Fergus Parker: Content Marketing Yearbook 2014: Highlights and low-lifes

Who loves content marketing?

Fergus Parker’s first question to the audience at the #Contentmarketingshow. The audience is already engaged! Fergus is the CEO of the content marketing agency Axonn and will be telling us about content marketing’s highlights and low-life’s.

Fergus Parker is first of all describing the plus sides and positive things on doing content marketing.
He reminds us that you can get discovered by anyone – write good content and you’ll get recognised! He reminds us how good it feels to do content marketing and how we’re most likely to succeed.

But then..

Reality knocks on the door.

Fergus is now focusing on effective and ineffective marketing:

Content marketing show London

It is not always an easy job in fact most of the time doing content marketing is a long and complicated process.

Fergus is therefore now going to give us seven words that is going to help us and everyone to succeed:

  • ¬†Inspire
  • Educate
  • Emotion
  • Belief
  • Meaning
  • Relevant
  • Authentic

Then Fergus explains 3 low-lifes, which is how brands and social advertising can fail completely.

- First example is a Happy Father’s Day add from HBO with Don Draper.
Don Draper is not the dream father in any family because of his persona and affairs therefore bad advertising.

- Second example is the New York Police Department who’s trying to engage with their community and posting friendly Tweets with #myNYPD. The community turned on the NYPD and posted violent tweets with the same hashtag.

- Third example is the #givegregtheholiday tweet. @trekAmerica offered Greg a holiday with a simple tweet which is good and easy advertising. @cellectainsulation on the other hand got it all wrong and suggested #soundproofing for Greg without anything offered and total lack of understanding. Irrelevant and poor advertising.

Then he shows us the highlights:

Buffer who started four years ago and who has found an easy way for us to share.
Buffer is engaging with their followers on twitter and is making us think about what we tweet and when and how we get the ideas for our shares.

- Another brilliant ad is Ford’s Mother’s Day commercial. Ford was asking children: What car they would want for their mum? All we see in the ad is drawings and children describing what car they would want for their mums. And the last sentence we hear is: “…a car that runs on love” – what better way to help you succeed (emotional).

- Third example is “..this is a Generic brand video”. The video ad is created by @Dissolve. In the video we see different, people planting trees, old people, young people with a stereotype American voice over telling us what we see and explaining how much they could tell the audience that they care about the happenings in the video. Which is very direct and a genius way to gather audience because Dissolve includes all seven succeeding points we got familiar with above.

Be inspired, educated, emotional, meaningful, relevant, authentic and have belief!

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