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SES London 2014 Thursday Round Up: “2014 Adapt to Your Audience and Forget About Channels”

SES London Day 3 2014 It’s always a bit of a whirl wind, going to a conference. It's all about trying to take in all the information from the speakers you watch, trying to remember the name of the person you just met, trying to drink your sixth cup of coffee without being sick! But you do, you... More


Verve Questions for New SEO Clients

When new business contacts get in touch I’m always interested in the how and the why. As Head of Operations, I’m the guy potential clients who are looking for SEO advice speak to for the first time. I receive a lot of enquiries via email, which is fine, but I prefer the phone. It’s much... More


Brighton SEO 2013 (morning session in the Dome)

Real Time marketing for any Brands, Oliver Snoody, Twitter UK Head of Planning. A way to think about real time marketing. Planning for the moment. The pulse of the planet? It was nice to think that the guys and gals at Twitter think they are the pulse of the planet. And Oliver showed some... More


Project Managing SEO with Prince2

Project management in SEO is something that is sometimes over looked or not prioritised. Most SEOs know what needs to be done because it’s staring them in the face. It’s the implementation that is the tricky part, getting the job done within your own parameters is where most of us fall... More


Speed: How it can improve your working life

Speed I thought that I’d share some observations about online marketing and speed: basically, the relationship between the two and how you can inject speed into your daily process. Speed matters.  If you’re not getting things done quickly then your content isn’t getting online quickly... More


Case Study: Social Media Campaign by Verve Search

Taxi Advertising case study It was at this time last year that Taxi Advertising got in contact with Verve Search and asked for advice on Social Media.  It was going to be a big year for London with the Olympics and the Queens Golden Jubilee, all eyes were going to be on London. Here is a... More


Pinterest for businesses

Pinterest has launched business pages on their site. What are the implications for all the people asking, ‘What does this actually mean for my business?’ Should you rush out and set up a business page for your company? Resources There are a few considerations to be worked through before you... More


My main take away’s from Brighton SEO 2012

  Brighton SEO “Cath, make us a cup of tea? If you make us a cup of tea I’ll put the rubbish out after the TV Programme” Dave Trott. The above sentence has everything you need to know about advertising. It’s all there, part of me is tempted to finish this blog post here and... More


Adobe Seminar September 29 2011

I went to the Adobe seminar on Search hosted at the Soho Hotel in, surprise surprise, Soho. What a venue by the way, great looking place. There was some networking to start with and I met quite a few of the movers and shakers in the industry, which was great. We were then shown into the sumptious... More

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