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How to be Bold and Influence People

Gather round soldiers, up 2, 3, 4, up 2, 3, 4... We are on a covert mission to discover whether there is any weight or value placed on keywords in bold and italic tags. The final objective of this mission is not only to debunk myths but with your help and comments to finally bury them. The value... More


V SEO – why businesses should optimise videos for YouTube

After recently working with a client regarding Video Optimisation I found myself gagging to write an article about the potential benefits of video optimisation.  This is such article and will exist as a platform for my thought spilling, fact finding and jibber jabbing process. Through the... More


What’s up in Verve camp?

First of all I have to apologise for being slightly slack on the blogging front, for some insane reason I thought starting up my own company would give me more time to blog. WRONG! But I am hopeful that after the few months and with regular clients in place I will get time to blog more. I really do... More


Canonicalisation issues – why it’s bad and how to fix it.

In the past month I have been doing quite a few SEO Evaluations and technical audits of websites, and I have really enjoyed it, after  working as Head of Search for quite a while, I am genuinely loving getting back to doing more of the actual SEO work. The technical analysis, the digging into a... More


Interview Lisa Ditlefsen – Universal Search

Last month I attended and spoke at two panels at SES London (Search Engine Strategies Conference). My first panel was on Universal Search, after the session I spoke to Byron Gordon from SEOPR about what Universal Search is and what a great potential optimising for Universal Search can be. It's a... More


Lisa Ditlefsen – Interview by Searchcowboys

Bas van den Beld from Searchcowboys interviewed me (Lisa Ditlefsen) at SMX London (Nov 2008), a few months later and I was part of the searchcowboys blogger crew. For more interviews like this visit SEO Roadshow. Me and Bas talks about European search, how it is and likely future... More