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Ben Holbrook

Head of Content

After opening his own Coffee House in 2007, Ben started using SEO and Social Media to get customers through the door. It soon became obvious that this was an effective marketing channel and quickly became an all-consuming obsession.

He later worked in-house for a company in Barcelona, working on a broad range of exciting Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media campaigns. Chasing the next big adventure, Ben moved to London where he now manages Verve’s talented content team, producing all kinds of creative goodness for our clients.

As an impassioned travel writer, he regularly blogs about his culinary adventures across Europe, and is currently working on his first book, which documents his hilarious two-year Barcelona adventure. When Ben isn’t at his laptop, you’ll find him playing blues and funk guitar, riding his motorbike and surfing; although generally not all at the same time.

+44 (0) 208 390 5944

Ben is an integral part of the Verve Search Team, with a rare talent of being able to get stuff done at the same time as inspire and train others. He's a brilliant manager with a truly creative brain.

Lisa Myers, CEO

Verve Search