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Agnes Stenlund

Creative Content Strategist

Agnes hails from the small Swedish town of Skellefteå (pronounced She-left-you), where she studied a degree in Media and Journalism. This led to a position as a journalist and eventually inspired her to publish her first book. Equipped with a curious nature and adventurous spirit, Agnes moved to London to immerse herself in the digital world. We were truly inspired by her unique way of thinking and problem solving abilities, and instantly offered her a position as Creative Content Strategist, focusing on our clients in the Swedish markets.

When not at her laptop, you can find Agnes reading, drinking coffee, exercising and watching funny cat videos. Regarding music, Agnes strongly believes that the perfect Spotify list should contain a well-deliberated mixture of hits from the 60s and contemporary electro music.

Agnes Stenlund
+44 (0) 208 390 5944

For some people, thinking “outside the box” is just too “inside the box”. Agnes is one of those people. Her creative ideas flow naturally and with ease, consistently creating unique concepts and strategies for even the most demanding of markets.

Lisa Myers, CEO

Verve Search

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