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Meet Your New SEO & Content Team

verve [vurv] ~ excitement of imagination such as animates an artist….or an SEO in this case!

A Brief History
Verve Search was set up in 2009 by the internationally-respected search marketing expert, Lisa Myers. Lisa has won a number of prestigious awards, most recently winning the title of “Search Personality of Year” at the UK Search Awards, where Verve also won the category of “Best SEO Campaign”. Verve’s unrivalled creativity and attention to detail has seen the company grow rapidly from a small team of passionate enthusiasts, to an authoritative global service provider.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Honesty: We’re committed to providing an efficient, no fuss, straight talking service. There’s no beating around the bush with Verve Search, which means you can trust us to do the right thing for you and your business.
  • Transparency: We show you exactly what we are doing and explain why we are doing it; there are no hidden tactics or secret strategies with Verve Search. All of your data is available for you to see 24 hours a day and we will also send you detailed monthly reports to keep you totally up-to-date.
  • Accountability: We know how important it is to focus on your bottom line. At Verve, all results are measured and leveraged to maximise your investment and grow your business. We also know that you come to us for our industry-leading knowledge and insight, which is why we invest in continuous training and development for all of our staff.

Meet the Team

  • Truly International & Multilingual: Our team comes from 13 different countries across the world, and are fluent in 14 different languages. This puts us as strong position to support your business growth on a truly international scale.


  • Creative & Dynamic: We recruit our team members not only on the basis of their education and experience, but also on the way they approach their work and professional development. We reward enthusiasm, curiosity and passion, and encourage everyone to learn from each other. Needless to say, we’re a powerful team to have on your side.
Verve Search has exceeded our expectations. It is a pleasure working with such a reliable and proactive team that truly cares about our business results. They know what today's real SEO is and they are a great partner to have. Bringing Verve Search on board was a great decision for HotelClub.
Belen Fernandez, SEO Specialist,